Fun and Informative classes at iCreative this Spring! Here's a few to consider:


-'Intro To Mac' Jan 29th at 9:00am


-'Contacts, Calendar and Mail' Feb 5th at 9:00am


-'Advanced iPhone' Course (4-2hr sessions)beginning Monday Feb 4th


-'Intro to Photos' Feb 12th at 9:00am


-'Your Digital Home' Feb 13th at 2pm


-'App Store, Notes, iTunes Safari and More!'Feb 19th at 9:00am


-'Advanced iPad' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday Feb 18th


-'Taking your Mac to the next level'Feb 20th at 2pm


-'Getting Digitally Organized' Feb 26th at 9:00am


-'Taking your iPhone to the next level'Feb 27th at 2pm


-'ALL THINGS MUSIC' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday March 4th


-'Do MORE with Photos!' Mar 5th at 9:00am


-'Taking your iPad to the next level'Mar 6th at 2pm


-'Making fun movies with iMovie!' Mar 12th at 9:00am


-'What does a Smart Home look like?' Mar 13th at 2pm


-'Creating your Holiday Mailing List (ONCE AND FOR ALL!)' Mar 14th at 3pm


-'Security for Dummies' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday March 18th


-'Advanced FUN with Photos!' Mar 19th at 9:00am


-'Your New Digital Home' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Apr 1st at 4pm


All Classes are just $50 each, and the courses are $200 (4 x 2hr sessions) and run

Mondays and Wednesdays for two weeks in a row.


Come down and enjoy a class in our state of the art Training Center!


Sign up Here:


or call: 877-392-8200 


Happy 2019, hope to see you in one of our classes soon!