We are open!

We want to continue to serve you safely and responsibly... Despite the many devastating effects of the Covid virus, we are still open and are willing to serve you faithfully during these difficult and uncertain times.  Here are a few things we would like you to know: 1) Our office is open by appointment only, from Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (closed on weekends) 2) Our Apple Repair Department is on summer hiatus and will reopen on October 1st 3) Our Apple Consulting services are fully open and available-we are still making house calls to schools, homes and businesses and can help with the purchase or setup of any Apple product despite the Apple Stores being closed 4) Our Audio/Video  and Smart Home services are also fully operational and we are hard at work installing amazing systems for our clients all summer 5) Please call us before jumping in your car to come down to see us so that we can make sure that we are available when you arrive! Feel free to call us anytime at: 877-392-8200  Have A Great Summer! ​

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Customize your FREE swag bag with a purchase of a VIP Remote Support Membership before April 1st. VIP Members receive everything our Remote Support Membership had to offer and much more.


Fun and Informative classes at iCreative this Spring! Here's a few to consider: -'Intro To Mac' Jan 29th at 9:00am -'Contacts, Calendar and Mail' Feb 5th at 9:00am -'Advanced iPhone' Course (4-2hr sessions)beginning Monday Feb 4th -'Intro to Photos' Feb 12th at 9:00am -'Your Digital Home' Feb 13th at 2pm -'App Store, Notes, iTunes Safari and More!'Feb 19th at 9:00am -'Advanced iPad' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday Feb 18th -'Taking your Mac to the next level'Feb 20th at 2pm -'Getting Digitally Organized' Feb 26th at 9:00am -'Taking your iPhone to the next level'Feb 27th at 2pm -'ALL THINGS MUSIC' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday March 4th -'Do MORE with Photos!' Mar 5th at 9:00am -'Taking your iPad to the next level'Mar 6th at 2pm -'Making fun movies with iMovie!' Mar 12th at 9:00am -'What does a Smart Home look like?' Mar 13th at 2pm -'Creating your Holiday Mailing List (ONCE AND FOR ALL!)' Mar 14th at 3pm -'Security for Dummies' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Monday March 18th -'Advanced FUN with Photos!' Mar 19th at 9:00am -'Your New Digital Home' Course (4-2hr sessions) beginning Apr 1st at 4pm All Classes are just $50 each, and the courses are $200 (4 x 2hr sessions) and runMondays and Wednesdays for two weeks in a row. Come down and enjoy a class in our state of the art Training Center! Sign up Here: www.theicreative.com/education or call: 877-392-8200  Happy 2019, hope to see you in one of our classes soon!​


In an effort to streamline the availability of our Refurbished Apple products, we have just added a brand new Online Store to our website! Just visit www.theicreative.com/onlinestore for more info! All products are fully erased, updated and have the latest Operating System. We run diagnostics on all hardware and replace any faulty parts before posting them online, so you can purchase confidently! If you just need a basic laptop or iPhone to keep you going until you are ready to buy new, we have amazing deals everyday on all Apple products!


At iCreative one of the things that we love to do is help people find new homes for their older equipment. We sell used iPhones, iPads, Laptops and iMacs at truly affordable prices. All of our products have been diagnosed and overhauled by an Apple Certified Technician to verify their health and performance. We love being able to rescue you from an unforeseen accident that your iPhone, iPad or Laptop may experience. Sometimes your iPhone screen may break just months before you were planning on buying the latest version, and the cost of a used iPhone may be a better (and more immediate) answer than buying new or repairing your broken one!   When you purchase new Apple products, we can determine the value of your existing equipment and give you a credit for that amount. This helps you offset the cost of your beautiful new Apple product!We also provide a "Secure Wipe" service that allows you to rest easy knowing that your data will be erased, and therefore never recoverable as it takes its next journey. A few other things to note while we are on the subject: Older iPhones that you donate will go to one of the non profit organizations that we work with, older macs may go to a child or person of need, and products that are past their prime we will also recycle responsibly for you. Please call us today to find out what used inventory may suit your needs!


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