At iCreative one of the things that we love to do is help people find new homes for their older equipment. We sell used iPhones, iPads, Laptops and iMacs at truly affordable prices. All of our products have been diagnosed and overhauled by an Apple Certified Technician to verify their health and performance. We love being able to rescue you from an unforeseen accident that your iPhone, iPad or Laptop may experience. Sometimes your iPhone screen may break just months before you were planning on buying the latest version, and the cost of a used iPhone may be a better (and more immediate) answer than buying new or repairing your broken one!   When you purchase new Apple products, we can determine the value of your existing equipment and give you a credit for that amount. This helps you offset the cost of your beautiful new Apple product!We also provide a "Secure Wipe" service that allows you to rest easy knowing that your data will be erased, and therefore never recoverable as it takes its next journey. A few other things to note while we are on the subject: Older iPhones that you donate will go to one of the non profit organizations that we work with, older macs may go to a child or person of need, and products that are past their prime we will also recycle responsibly for you. Please call us today to find out what used inventory may suit your needs!


We are so excited to announce that we have moved into our brand new, beautiful offices! We have worked extremely hard to provide a clean, modern and inspiring place for you to take advantage of all that iCreative provides. With convenient parking and a welcoming atmosphere, our offices are designed for you to receive top-notch technical support, learn about your existing technologies or experience something new!

we are now an official apple service provider (aasp)!!

iCreative is thrilled to announce that we are now not only a member of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), but we are now also an official Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP)! This means that whenever you need hardware support for your broken iPhone, iPad or Mac, we will be able to offer you the same diagnostic and support services that the actual Genius Bars in the Apple Stores offer! Soon you will find iCreative on the Apple site when you are trying to book a Genius Bar appointment. We will feature additional scheduling opportunities to the existing El Paseo Village Apple Store here in Palm Desert. Between the local Apple Store and iCreative, you will now have double the options when it comes to getting premier Apple Support!  One thing that differentiates iCreative from the Apple Store is that we can help you with third party software and services, we can help transfer or rescue your data and we can also sit down with you after your device is repaired and make sure that everything is back to 100%! We are so excited to offer new and compelling repair services and educational opportunities for all of our clients!